Team of Experts.

Our Team of Engineers are specialized in Various Disciplines to make sure you get the Best Service.

Quality Work.

We treat your business like it is our business.

Transformer Maintenance

We work hard to keep your transformers in first-day like state.

Oil Purification

We can carry out the oil purification and reinforcement operations on-site

Transformer manufacturing

Our great engineering team makes sure that we're using the cutting-edge technology to manufacture the most efficient transformers in the market.

thermal measurement

thermal measurement

transformer tests

We test your transformers so that you'll know something is wrong before anything bad happens.

Energy Observation

Thanks to the ENERGY TRACKING SYSTEM we developed as Dr. Trafo, the data read on the meter are recorded in a central system.

Bottom Trust

Healthy Transformers

Here are 5 reasons to choose us:
  • 17 years professional experience
  • Excellent engineering team
  • On time delivery
  • Low costs
  • Unmatched customer support